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"Two Russians In The Free World" (short), 2014

"The single channel videos of Moskowitz and Trager are extracted from elaborate installations designed for exhibition. Since 2008, their work has explored the extimate dimension of the voice in its discrepant relation to projected images, reading bodies, anti-illusionist scenery and deprofessionalised performance. Ventriloquised characters, occupied by intimate voices that slide from decelerated speech to timestretched song, perform abstracted yet quotidian gestures. Themes of mental slippage and psychic mastery are played out in dramas whose only distant co-ordinates are the vernacular television opera of Robert Ashley's 'Perfect Lives' (1984) and the dubbed recitations of R. Kelly's online serial 'Trapped in the Closet' (2005- 2012)."

-Kodwo Eshun

5:00 video teaser


Artist in Focus Retrospective, The Pompidou Center, Paris
The Showroom, London, England (presented by The Otolith Group)
Spectrum Shorts, International Film Festival of Rotterdam, The Netherland
Two Russians / Burt, The Emily Harvey Foundation, NYC (with Jeffrey Perkins)
I have the Power, Pera Museum, Istanbul
Observatoria, IndieLisboa, Portugal
Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, Lithuania
Uplink Factory Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

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